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Issue 1

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Issue date:  May 11, 1999

The Beginning

In August of 1998, 2 Sorors of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc. flew down from Connecticut to give a few women of Our Lady of the Lake University an informational. The women attending the informational found Lambda Psi Delta to be the sisterhood that they wanted join.



On September 24, 1998 the LILies hosted a club party at Odyssey. We had a terrific turnout and a great profit!


The LILies sold tickets a BBQ lunch, which was either picked up or delivered to the ticket purchaser. The lunch was prepared at Lizette Yanes home by her family. The profit was so much more than any of the LILies had imagined!


Soror Lizette Yanes, Stephanie Ledesma, and Soror Lisa Uresti
keeping track of the tickets and our profit.


Service Projects

The LILies main service project was visiting the Sisters of Divine Providence Retirement Home. The LILies usually spent between 2-4 hours every other Saturday there. They had wonderful conversations, played games such as Bingo, and assisted with and joined in on daily exorcises.



New Sorors


On November 21, 1998, Lisa Uresti, Crystal Budnick, and Lizette Yanes became members of Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, the Finest and Fiercest of ALL Sisterhoods.


New LILies

In February of 1999, the Delta Chapter had 5 LILies ready to begin their journey to becoming a diamond: Clarice, Michelle, Deanna, Veronica, and Kim.




The LILies of the Delta Chapter held two club parties.



New Soror


On May 5, 1999 Clarice Wright became the newest Soror of the sorority. Clarice attends OLLU, was a sophomore, and is majoring in Computer Information Systems. We would like to extend our congratulations to her and wish her a joyful and successful beginning.



Officers for 1999

The following is the list of the Delta Chapter Executive Board for the Year 1999:

President: Lizette Yanes,


Vice President: Crystal Budnick,


Secretary: Clarice Wright,


Treasurer: Lisa Uresti,


Spotlight : White Bengal Tiger

This magnificent creature is deleting at a startling rate. There are only about 200 White Tigers left in the world today, and most are in captivity in zoos.


They may be slow runners, but they are stealthy enough to catch any prey in their sights.

They are good swimmers, but very poor climbers.

They are solitary, except in breeding season, when they come together to mate.

Because they are solitary animals, they mostly hunt at night

Their white color does not help them in their natural environment, the jungle. Rather, it is a hindrance, as the white stands out instead of blending in.

White tigers are born to Bengal tigers that carry an unusual gene needed for white coloring.

The White Tiger has pale icy blue eyes, white fur with dark stripes, pink nose and pink paw pads.

The White Tiger is not an albino. White Bengal Tigers are not another species of tiger; in fact, they are just white colored Bengal tigers. These tigers may be thought of as albino by many, when actually they arent. White Bengals are simply the result of the mating of two tigers which both carry the unusual genes for the white coloring. Albino animals have no color at all.

Their stripes are like fingerprints.  No two are the same

In captivity, the life expectancy of White Tigers is about 20 years. Many people believe that the White Tigers are from Siberia, where they use their white fur as camouflage. This is not true; White Tigers have never been found in Siberia, but have only been reported in India. White Tigers are rarely seen in the wild, and is estimated that about 1 of every 10,000 tigers turns out to be white.

Bengal Tigers are fully grown at 2-3 years of age. They have stripes all over their body. 



Weight:  395-570 pounds (180-260 kg)

Length:  4.5-9 feet (1.4-2.75 m)

Shoulder height:  up to 3.5 feet (1.1 m)


It is belief that if you are born in the Chinese year of the tiger you are unusually lucky. Lets hope that some of this luck rubs off on the white tiger before its too late.

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